Whether you are looking to build a substantial caseload, or trying to find a top-rated co-counsel for an outbound referral case, Joint Representation (JR) is your convenient and completely free solution to gain access to cases and generate revenue for you and your firm.


Joint Representation’s main purpose is to provide the tools to help grow its users’ referral networks. All in all, its a comprehensive network of ranked attorneys that allows you to either refer cases to counsel in the network or review cases referred by other firms.

What’s even better is that all of this can happen with just a few clicks of a button. JR’s software will do everything for you. Once you have referred a case out, you can easily access all users’ education backgrounds, legal specialties, awards they’ve received, past case winnings and feedback from past co-counsel; all of which will be used to rank them in the database and make it easier for cases to be matched with handling attorneys.

JR also keeps track of cases from start to finish. It sends automated emails to referring attorneys when a case has been accepted by co-counsel and sends reminders to handling attorneys every 90 days to update the status of the case to ensure the referral agreement is being followed and that when closed, the appropriate fees are paid.

Joint Representation is your solution to ensuring your referral relationship is an ongoing, two-way progression. With its nationwide pool of ranked counsel, its up to date tracking capabilities, and its management system which ensures timely correspondence between referring and handling attorneys, JR will allow you to effectively gain access to a variety of wanted cases and turn case overflow into revenue.